Washing machine covers

Waterproof and dust-resistant, and with an adjustable rear seal.

They protect both front- and top-loading washing machines. This collection is available in a range of solid colours and patterns, and in a variety of different materials and finishes.


Rayen’s washing machine covers are the perfect accessory for your washing machine. They fit all standard types of washing machine and tumble dryer, both front- and top-loading. Thanks to its high quality, waterproof construction, this accessory will help extend the life of your washing machine, protecting it from bumps, rain, scratches, dirt, rust, and other damage.


Modern and stylish in design, the Rayen washing machine cover incorporates a particularly useful and practical zip closure to ensure total protection and ease of use. The Rayen washing machine cover can also be used with tumble dryers, providing the same level of protection. The cover allows access to the drum and to all of the controls, while protecting the rest of the washer or dryer.