Rayen’s washing bags and nets come in a variety of models and sizes, all of which are perfect for protecting your small, delicate clothes and shoes. Our bags and nets are made with high quality materials, for the perfect wash every time.

Rayen’s washing bags are designed for organising and protecting your most delicate garments from zips and fasteners on other laundry items during washing and spinning. They help to protect not only your clothing, but your washing machine as well.

Some models incorporate internal separators, double compartments and other separation systems, allowing you to classify your clothing exactly the way you like. Our Black and White washing bags allow you to separate your white and black items, for an improved wash. Other models, such as our washing bags for delicate items, are ideal for keeping lace, silk or satin lingerie safe from zips and fasteners on other laundry. Some designs include a combination zip and catch for added security.

The soft padded netting of Rayen’s delicate garment bag ensures that stray bra underwires do not damage your washing machine’s motor.
Rayen also offers a washing bag for shoes, complete with extra-dense padding to absorb impacts and protect your shoes from damage during washing. It also has a safety catch to prevent the zip from opening during washing.

Its dense material offers full protection, eliminating all risk of damage. It also has a safety catch to prevent the zip from opening during washing.
Drying your clothes could not be simpler: items will dry rapidly even when left inside the Rayen washing bags.

The Rayen tie cleaner is perfect for washing ties made of all materials, including silk, ensuring that your ties don’t lose their shape, become wrinkled, or shrink. They are made of polyester, foam and Velcro, and they are perfect for saving money on dry cleaning.

Rayen also offers a washing bag for baby clothing, which protects your baby’s most delicate clothes by means of an extra-dense fabric that provides the ultimate protection.

Rayen’s washing bags offer unparalleled protection during washing and spinning, keeping your baby’s clothes safe from any damage.