Rayen’s washing and drying range is designed to offer helpful solutions and simplify domestic cleaning tasks.
We offer a wide range of clothes airers, including aluminium, resin, lacquered and wall mounted. Our airers take up minimal space when folded, and are made with high quality materials. Continuing on the theme of space saving, Rayen offers wall mounted retractable and telescopic clothes lines, as well as clothes airers for radiators and balconies which are great for drying smaller items.
The clothes airer cover for use with a fan heater can dry clothes in just an hour, and heats your home at the same time.

Rayen also has a range of accessories for drying, including a bag for clothes pegs, high-capacity hangers, and rain covers for clothes airers. Thanks to these accessories, your clothes will dry faster and without the need for a tumble dryer.

Taking care of your washing machine is an essential part of doing the laundry. Rayen offers help in the form of waterproof and hard wearing washing machine covers for both front and top loading appliances. These protect your washing machine from rain and other external factors.

For care of clothing during washing, Rayen offers bags for machine washing delicate items such as underwear, ties and shoes, and these are made of well-padded material which also protects your washing machine from potential damage.

Our mesh laundry bags are are perfect for washing delicate fabrics such as lace, silk and satin, and are padded to protect their contents from zips and fasteners on other laundry items. The Rayen tie cleaner is one of our star products, and is perfect for washing ties made of all materials, including silk. Your ties won’t lose their shape, wrinkle or shrink.