Our vacuum storage bags are perfect for storing bulky items, such as blankets and duvets, as they allow their contents to be compacted. They can be used not only for blankets and duvets, but also for out-of-season garments that you wish to store neatly or in the wardrobe.

Our vacuum storage bags offer up to a 50% reduction in volume. Besides this space saving, Rayen’s vacuum storage bags protect their contents from dirt, dust, insects and damp, and are reusable. If you clean the items prior to storage, they will be ready for use straight out of the bag.

They are very straightforward to use. Firstly, put the items you want to store into the bag; be sure not to over-fill it, as this could damage the bag and prevent it from functioning properly. Next, seal the bag; it should be sealed perfectly for effective removal of the air. The bag should close easily and completely.

Then, connect the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle to the valve, and suck all the air out of the bag. This will reduce the bag’s size significantly. Once all of the air has been removed, store the bag.

Vacuum storage bags are ideal for travelling, moving house or storing important items for long periods of time.

Our vacuum storage bags are a perfect storage solution for everyday use.