Rayen has a wide range of accessories for organisation – installation-free solutions that will make your life much easier.

For example, the clothes wardrobe is suitable for use in any part of the house (hallway, laundry room, storeroom, bedrooms, etc.) and has a large capacity. It is ideal for storing clothes that are out of season.

The extendible shoe rack can be used with all types and sizes of shoes, and has a lower shelf to store cleaning materials.

The suitcase organiser is a simple solution for organising your clothes, delicate garments, accessories and cosmetics bags in your suitcase.
The handbag organiser helps you keep your accessories organised and always at your fingertips. Other items, such as our bag hangers, multi-purpose hangers, drawer organisers, drawer dividers and fluff removers, help keep your clothing and accessories organised and in good condition.

Rayen’s range of hangers comprises a number of different models for organisation. Firstly, an additional rail to go inside your wardrobe, providing extra space and allowing you to hang clothes on two levels. The double door hanger is easy to install, and ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc., as it will fit all types of door. The multi-hanger increases wardrobe capacity, making the most of the space inside. Rayen also offers a tie hanger, a belt hanger, and a wide range of other hangers to suit your every need.