Clothes covers

Organise and protect all kinds of textiles and clothing.

Breathable and versatile, our covers come in a range of sizes to provide protection and dust-free storage for all your laundry. Special multi-purpose covers are available, as well as covers for blankets.

Rayen offers the perfect accessories for storing all kinds of garments – ideal for your out-of-season wardrobe. Rayen’s garment covers are breathable, and protect your clothes from dirt, mites, dust, insects and damp. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, suitable for all your needs.

Rayen’s garment covers are available in a variety of attractive designs and fabrics, providing adaptability and covering every eventuality. They include a zip for easy opening, and a transparent window to quickly identify the contents of each cover. Some are also expandable, offering increased capacity and storage of multiple or larger items together.

For fur garments, Rayen offers the fur coat cover: the ultimate solution for protecting and keeping these items clean. They are made of a special, breathable fabric, which takes care of the fur and prevents deterioration.

Alongside our garment covers, Rayen offers covers for blankets and duvets, as well as multi-purpose covers. These are also designed to protect your bedding and linens from dust, insects and other external factors. They are perfect for storing items that are not used often, or which may be out of season. They close with a zip, have a breathable membrane, and include external compartments for attaching labels to identify the contents.

Our duvet covers are ideal of storing bedspreads, blankets and other bedding.

The multi-purpose hanger from Rayen offers large compartments for storage of toys, scarves, stationery, and other items. It has a loop for hanging on doors and wardrobes, and the length of the loop can be adjusted with Velcro. It is great for tidy storage of bags, rucksacks, hats and belts behind doors and wardrobes.
Rayen also offers drawer organisers which can be adjusted to fit any drawer or placed on top of corner units, and the hard-wearing bag hanger which can be hung from a wardrobe or a door.

The multi-purpose cover comes with a moth repellent disc, and is ideal for storing items that are out of season. It can be kept under the bed, or inside or on top of the wardrobe. It is made of a breathable material and is suitable for leather and fur garments.

The rug cover protects against damp, dirt and abrasion, will fit all types of rug and includes a transparent window.

Our space-saving vacuum storage bags are suitable for all clothing items, protecting them against odours, damp, insects, dust and mould. Air can be removed manually or with the help of a vacuum cleaner. We also offer vacuum storage bags with hangers, which are perfect for storing coats and sweaters.