Organise, decorate and style your home.

Maximise storage potential with our practical space-saving solutions. Our products adapt to your needs and don’t require any installation.


At Rayen, we understand the importance of order in the home, so we have designed convenient and versatile products to offer organisation solutions to meet every requirement.

We have Premium clothing covers that are ideal for storing delicate or out of season clothing; these can be hung in the wardrobe, creating a sense of order. The covers are perfect for fur and leather garments thanks to their breathable material, and will help you to take excellent care of suit jackets, coats, and long and short jackets. The included moth repellent discs also make these covers suitable for storing blankets, sweaters, shirts and more.

To protect duvets and blankets from dirt and abrasion, we offer large covers made just for items like these. Our storage range includes covers for blankets and multi-purpose covers to store and protect bedding and clothing.

In terms of organisation, we have a wide variety of hangers and accessories for storing shoes and smaller items, such as belts, scarves, socks, bags and more. Rayen’s vacuum bags are the perfect organisational solution to protect against odours, damp, insects, dust and mould.

With these space-saving vacuum bags, you can protect clothing against odours, damp, insects, dust and mould. They are perfect for closets and for travelling thanks to their twin suction system, which can be operated manually or with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Once air has been removed, they offer a space saving of up to 200%.

Clothes should be in perfect condition before being stored. Rayen offers a large variety of clothes hangers and brushes to ensure that all of your clothes are stored clean and in an orderly manner. Our storage solutions also come in the form of clothes wardrobes, suitable for the house, hallway, laundry room or elsewhere.

These are practical and easy to assemble, with zippable openings.

Rayen’s outdoor range includes covers for motorcycles and bicycles, as well as for deckchairs, sun loungers and patio umbrellas.