Rayen offers a whole range of possibilities: aluminium or resin airers, airers with wings, wall airers, automatic retractable airers, etc. Our retractable airers are perfect for homes with limited space, and they are easy to set up. Our collection of wall-mounted airers with automatically retracting cords are ideal for balconies, terraces, kitchens, small rooms, etc.

Besides our classic airers, Rayen also offers drying solutions in a variety of designs; for example, airers for sweaters that can be adjusted to fit any model of bath or shower tray. These airers will help you to dry everything, from sweaters to delicate garments, quickly and without the risk of them losing their shape or becoming wrinkled. This type of airer has an automatic opening mechanism, meaning that they occupy less space when folded.

Rayen offers a wide variety of accessories for drying clothing, including clothes peg bags, hangable bags for dirty washing, and hangers for drying shoes.

Rayen’s clothes airer cover is the perfect accessory for protecting your drying clothing, allowing you to hang clothes out even on rainy days. The Rayen clothes airer cover is ideal for cloudy days, will fit all airers, includes wind-proof straps, and is made with high-quality, hard-wearing materials.