Rayen’s kitchen range includes everything you need to organise efficiently and cook comfortably.
Find high quality utensils – such as the ice cream scoop, peeler, can opener and corkscrew – alongside other more technical items, such as lockable kitchen tongs and a chopper-grater which can process all kinds of vegetables and other ingredients at high speed. Other kitchen implements from Rayen include boiled egg slicers, chopping boards, and bottle coolers.
For storage of food and care of electrical appliances and crockery, our product catalogue offers protective mats for refrigerator shelves, food protectors, folding and standard dish drainers, sink mats, super-absorbent dish drainers, kitchen brushes, cooker hood filters, and much more.
Organisation is fundamental in any kitchen, and at Rayen we want to help keep your kitchen tidy with our spice rack, our cutlery organiser which can be adapted to fit any drawer, and other multi-use kitchen products.

Cleanliness in the kitchen is essential, and our hob protector removes the need to clean and scrub the top of your cooker. It can also be adapted to fit any cooker. Similarly, our cooker hood filter removes grease and steam, and includes an indicator to tell you when it needs replacing. To eliminate smells, we offer the anti-odour cooker hood filter, the bin freshener, the dishwasher freshener, and the smell-killer for fridges.
Helping you avoid accidents or burns, Rayen offers sink mats, silicone oven gloves (a set of insulating gloves for maximum protection), oven pads with a ring to hang them up, aprons made from padded fabric, and many other high quality items.
As part of our textiles range, Rayen offers textile bags for garlic, protective table covers for a pleasant quilted feel, a butane gas cylinder cover, kitchen aprons with hangers, and a huge variety of other kitchen textiles.