Ironing board covers

Colourful, hard wearing and easy to fit.

Our ironing board covers are made from 100% cotton and will fit all types of ironing board, and their designs are original and elegant.

We take special care to use only the best materials, guaranteeing a first-rate ironing experience.


The perfect ironed finish requires a high quality ironing board cover. The cover becomes very hot during ironing, reflecting heat and causing a double iron effect which smooths out creases with ease.

At Rayen we offer elasticated ironing board covers with our EasyClip system, which adapt perfectly to all types of ironing board. All of our covers incorporate special foam to improve circulation of steam. They also have a number of special features which help to improve the ironing experience, saving you effort and delivering the perfect ironed finish.

Rayen ironing board covers are available in a variety of sizes (127x51cm, 130x47cm, 115x38cm and 150x55cm), have attractive designs, and are made from 100% cotton. There are a number of different models. Our Premium covers comprise four layers of fabric, including a highly heat resistant titanium resin or metallised base which reflects twice as much heat, foam which provides improved circulation of steam, and a base surface made of felt for more comfortable ironing. Our Medium covers are made with three layers: an anti-wear layer, felt and foam. Our Basic Plus covers incorporate a double layer of foam and are made with 100% cotton. Finally, our Basic covers have a single layer of foam.

We also offer a range of special covers for XXL and XS ironing boards. In addition, Rayen offers a reversible ironing board cover with a different pattern on each side, as well as a cover with an inbuilt silicon iron rest, and a Thermo Sensitive cover which changes colour when it comes into contact with heat.