Accessories for more than just ironing

These accessories will help you to keep your iron and your clothes in perfect condition, ensuring the best results every time.
Our aim is to fulfill your every need, making ironing an easier and more enjoyable task.


Rayen offers a complete range of ironing accessories to help you from start to smooth finish.

To keep your ironing space tidy, Rayen offers an ironing board holder which allows you to store your ironing board and iron in a small space. The Rayen ironing board holder is very practical and fits all models on the market. It even includes a hook to store your iron’s power cable. It’s easy to install, and made with high quality materials for durability and strength.

The Rayen iron cover will protect your iron and keep your workspace tidy. It’s highly heat resistant and will fit any iron, and includes pockets to store other accessories, and velcro to hang it from your ironing board. The aluminium sleeve ironing board is collapsible and has an anti-close mechanism. The board has perforations to give your shirts the perfect finish.

Our sleeve ironing board covers are made from titanium, elastic and foam, and have a 100% cotton outer.

The ironing glove is perfect for corners and less-accessible parts of your clothes, such as sleeves, collars and shoulders. Its double foam layer and metallised outer fabric make ironing simple and protect your hands.

The tabletop ironing pad has five layers to guarantee a quality finish: heat-reflective metallised fabric, a double layer of felt, waterproof fabric, and a non-slip base for a more comfortable ironing action. It also comes with a silicon iron rest.

Rayen also offers a protective sole for your iron, cloths for cleaning it, silicon ironing mats, and many other accessories for the perfect ironed finish.