Rayen offers a wide range of comfortable and versatile ironing boards, designed using high quality materials and with a variety of special features to ensure that your ironing is always completed swiftly and efficiently.

For smaller spaces, Rayen has designed the fold-out ironing board, which is easy to stow after use. We recommend that you install it on the inside of a wardrobe door, or on a wall. Installation of the fold-out ironing board is very simple. It comes with all of the parts required for straight-forward installation, and includes a silicon base to rest the iron on for perfect ironing convenience.

Continuing with the theme of space saving, Rayen has designed the tabletop ironing board, which has folding legs and a hook to hang it up after use. It includes a metallic mesh board which allows for perfect dissipation of steam, and also comes with a cotton, foam and felt cover.

One of Rayen’s best examples of design and innovation is the folding ironing board. It is comfortable, light, high, and easy to fold, and is also height adjustable to improve your ironing experience, save effort and space, and increase efficiency. It can be stored on a hook, and has an adjustable iron rest which also serves for hanging clothes up to air.

For a more sophisticated ironing experience, Rayen’s Premium range comprises an ironing board made for ironing stations. It has a built-in sleeve ironing board, as well as a rail for clothes hangers, support for an ironing station, a clothes shelf, and a “Canvas Edition” cover with felt. It is also height adjustable, and has rubber non-slip caps on its feet.

Finally we come to the Basic and Basic Plus ironing boards. The Basic range are height adjustable and incorporate an iron rest and metallic mesh board. They are the perfect tool for all ironing tasks, and come with patterned covers. The Basic Plus range come with rubber non-slip feet, and include a clothes hanger rail and adjustable iron rest. They can also be hung up for storage.