Ironing helps to take care of your clothes and keep them looking immaculate. Rayen offers solutions for every aspect of ironing, and our great respect for clothing materials ensures you always get the best results.

The equipment you need for the perfect ironed finish are an ironing board, a cover to go with it, and accessories to take care of every detail of the ironing process.

Rayen’s ironing boards are stable, manageable, comfortable and high. We offer five types of board, catering to all needs: Premium, Medium, Basic Plus, Special and Basic.

We also offer a wide range of ironing accessories, designed exclusively to make ironing simpler.

In terms of storage, we have created ironing board holders to solve your space problems. The Rayen clothing folder will save you time and effort, leaving your clothes perfectly folded in seconds.

Giving your shirtsleeves the perfect ironed finish, the sleeve ironing board is a small ironing board which is shaped to the sleeves of a shirt. It is stable, lightweight and includes a padded cover. Other accessories are available to help you achieve perfect results, including the ironing glove, perfect for ironing pockets, collars, sleeves or shoulders, and the ironing cloth, which protects delicate fabrics from damage during ironing. Complementing the features of your ironing board and cover are Rayen’s specially designed felt and ironing board cover fasteners.

We also offer accessories for cleaning your iron, helping you avoid stains to your clothing. Our iron cleaning cloth allows you clean the surface of the iron without scratching it, leaving it as good as new.

Our lime remover product helps to extend the life of your iron; simply add a few drops to the water when filling.