About us

We offer innovative solutions for all your household needs.

We invent, design and create original, practical and high quality products that simplify domestic chores and guarantee the best level of care for your clothing.

We see our homes as a reflection of ourselves and our lifestyles, so we offer our products in a range of colours and patterns to fit the unique tastes of each of our customers.

We are continuously innovating and seeking inspiration to evolve alongside families and adapt to their changing needs and habits.

Brief history

At Rayen, we are proud to have been the first organisation in Spain to make available to the general public the kind of products which had previously been completely unknown or only accessible to a privileged few.

In the 1960s, rubberised tablecloths were replaced by polyethylene thanks to the lower cost and superior quality of this new material. In more recent years we introduced ironing board covers, at a time when ironing boards were all made of wood and covered with a simple sheet. Rayen has become the gold standard in ironing boards and ironing accessories, as well as in other household products.

Nowadays we continue to pursue our objective of bringing innovative products to the general public, making use of our own designs, ensuring high quality standards, and maintaining a philosophy of continuous improvement and strengthening of our brand.